New trail enthusiast on the way

I have been trying to keep the posts on here up to date– there is always so much happening in the summer on the trails: clearing seasonal vegetation, preparing for the 5k race, volunteering at festivals and events, etc.. This year, there is the added task of growing a new trail-lover:


She’s due to make her appearance next week, so unless I can teach Scruggs to update the website between now and then, it may be quiet in website-land for awhile. However, the CTC is still active and the volunteers have several projects they are working on. So check your emails (need to be added to the email list? Let Clover know- and get out there!

And don’t forget to register for the 5k race here!

2015 Crozet Parade!

Thank you everyone who came out to walk in the parade and watch the parade. Always a great time in sweet little Crozet!


Our parade-neighbors and friends, the SK8CROZET team!


Lining up.


“Are we out of candy yet”?


Dan playing the “shovel ready” guitar that he made that day!

2015 5K Trail Race Poster

5k2015 FLYER

Beat the heat by walking the trails early and late

The trails have all been recently cleared by the dedicated (and sometimes insanely-so) Crozet Trails Crew volunteers! The connector trail from Westhall to Western Ridge is clear as is the Western Ridge neighborhood trail (for Western Ridge residents and their guests). The lower Westhall trail is mostly cleared and will continue to be worked on in the next few weeks. The Henley Hornets trail at Beaver Creek should be in good shape as well (please let us know if it’s not).

So grab your favorite walking buddy and get out there! Help us keep the seasonal vegetation at bay by….walking.  If you feel like, bring a set of hand pruners and clip those overhanging vines and briers.

The summer heat is no reason to give up those wonderful trail walks– just head out early (before 9am) or in the evenings (after 7pm). If you bring your pup along for the fun, there are several watering spots on all the trails. See our most recent Crozet trail map here:

See you on the trails!

Opening the Kids in the Park trail at Mint Springs Saturday June 13th.

crozet_go_poster2 (4)

How to Donate

Donations: We are a 501(c)3 organization and so all your donations are tax deductible (if you include your email or mailing address, the CTC will send you an official receipt):

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